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  • Richard Hall

This is NOT the company I interviewed with!

“I am so excited! I start a new job Monday morning with a great, family-owned company. They have an employee-centric culture, great pay, and outstanding benefits. I love my boss.”

Monday evening – “WHAT HAVE I DONE?”.

Have you experienced this? I know I have. You show up for work and it is nothing like you were led to believe. You feel betrayed and dread the new job.

When interviewing, I take an opposite approach. I highlight the good but really elaborate on the challenges. I will try to “scare them away”.

I would say things like:

· We are a company in transition and have an identity problem

· We have more work than people that can do in a day

· Our clients are not happy, we need to do better

· Our products need an overhaul

· and so on….

Start the relationship with honesty and radical transparency.

You will be amazed at the number of recruits that ask, “do you have a plan? If so, I’m in!”.

If you let them know what it is really like, they will trust you and want to help make it better.

Their walkaway after the first day will be, “just like my boss said, but I’m committed to making a difference”.

Eventually how you describe your company will be how your employees do too.

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