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  • Richard Hall

The most powerful question is often the simplest

When I engage with executives, I want to quickly evaluate their frame of reference. Do they respond from a transactional or strategic perspective? Here's a great example you can try:

"How're we doing?" you ask.

It's a very simple question but the response tells you everything you need to know.

Let's use the head of finance as the example:

If the response is like -> "here's the recent balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement"'ve got a transactional person. "Let me give you the data so you can interpret it"

If the response is like -> "we're 10% ahead on revenue YTD but over budget on expenses by 15%. We have 3 projects underway to reduce expenses and expect to close the year up 2.5% above our EBITDA target." This is a more strategic response.

Train your executive team to think and look at things from your perspective.

You'll grow them to be more than transactional management, they'll become strategic leaders.

Rich Hall

Business Coach

Rich Hall Group

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