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  • Richard Hall

Business Coaching and top tier CEOs lead to business success

A special thank you to Houston's Better Business Bureau's Jennifer Salazar for all of her support of the Silver Fox Advisors' CEO Roundtable.

This group of high performing CEOs are coming together on a monthly basis to help each other's businesses reach new heights. We process issues, opportunities, and discussions around how we can grow our companies in a fiscally responsible way.

Our attendees above are:

  • Rich Hall, Business Coach and Silver Fox Advisor

  • Sonya Brazeal, CEO, Amazing Windows

  • Jennifer Salazar, VP, Better Business Bureau

  • Chris Schoen, CEO, Rapid Wrist Bands

  • Ralph D'Onofrio, Silver Fox Advisor

  • Sanjay Agnihotri, CEO,

  • Juan Llanas, CEO, JN Ornamental Design

  • Tony Ierubino, Silver Fox Advisor

If you a CEO and member of Houston's Better Business Bureau, consider joining our roundtable at

Rich Hall

Rich Hall Group

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