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Business Coaching focused on helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and leadership teams achieve
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What is a

Business Coach?

A Business Coach is typically a former business executive with significant breadth of responsibility in his/her career.

They will assist the business executive in becoming a better leader while also helping them achieve their vision of success for their business.

What services do they provide?

A Business Coach provides leadership development advice while also leveraging their experience to assist with business growth feedback.

The best Business Coaches make themselves available as needed to assist with situational challenges. A business coach may also provide departmental or company assessments as part of a company-wide growth initiative.

Is hiring a Business Coach worth it?

Business Coaches should provide at least 10x return on investment. This can be measured by overall company growth (revenue and profits), reduced business mistakes, increased leadership ability, high performing teams, and more. As companies grow, they face different challenges that a business coach can assist with.

How much does a Business Coach cost?

Business Coaching services are typically charged on an hourly fee or monthly retainer basis. Rates for experienced business coaches range from $200/hr. to $500/hr. Higher or lower rates may be charged depending on the particular business expertise required.

A preferred method is to hire on a retainer so you can call as needed with no additional charges.

Rich Business Casual Transparent smaller.png
Executive Coach, Rich Hall Group

Rich is an excellent business coach.


He specializes in working with small businesses that are family owned. His knowledge and expertise apply to any business. 


Rich has the ability to quickly assess a business and identify what areas need to be worked on next and then recommend what specific steps should be taken.


He is also well connected and can help identify resources and partners necessary for business success.


I recommend Rich as a business coach to any business that is looking to grow their business or to tackle business challenges.


He further guides that process and is ready to roll up his sleeves to assist. 

—  John Stautner, CEO ETSZONE