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Certified Exit Planning Advisor

Rich Hall

As the Founder of Rich Hall Group, I blend my personal journey of faith, integrity, and family values with professional excellence.

Guiding business owners towards success, I specialize in enhancing the value of your business and aligning it with your life goals.

My approach is hands-on, empathetic, and driven by the wisdom gained as a father, husband, and leader.

I'm here to turn your business challenges into opportunities, ensuring a journey that's not just profitable, but also fulfilling.

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My Story

My career path has been a vibrant journey through the realms of small family businesses to major corporate leadership roles. With a strong academic foundation from Georgia Tech and the University of Houston, I've navigated through various industries, gaining insights and skills that now fuel my passion for business coaching and advising.


My role as the President of a longstanding family business was a defining chapter, teaching me the intricacies of balancing strategic goals with operational realities.

As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, I've pivoted to focus on helping business owners not just understand, but significantly enhance the value of their businesses. This journey is about more than just numbers; it's about aligning your business success with your personal aspirations, ensuring a seamless and rewarding transition when the time comes.

My advisory style is rooted in real-life experience and a commitment to being there for my clients beyond conventional consulting hours. I believe in proactive, situation-specific guidance, drawn from a career that's spanned diverse sectors like Oil & Gas, Technology, and Healthcare.


This expertise is coupled with a personal philosophy inspired by Nelson Mandela: "I never lose. Either I win or learn." It's this mindset that I bring to every challenge, every client, every opportunity – ensuring that your business journey is not just successful, but also a path of continuous learning and growth.

On a more personal note, I'm the proud father of three sons, Jeremy, Mark, and Daniel, the grateful husband to a beautiful wife Jamie, and best friends with Bucky and Riley (dogs).  

Rich Hall

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