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How to work with a Business Coach?

Many executives are interested in hiring a business coach but may not know how it works or how to identify the right one for them.


Common questions that arise:

  • What is a Business Coach?

  • What services does a Business Coach provide?

  • How much should I pay for a Business Coach?

  • Is hiring a Business Coach worth it?

  • Why do people use a Business Coach?


I put together an overview to answer these questions and more. Feel free to download and share with your team.

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The Ultimate Leadership Development Guide
How to Develop Top Tier Leaders

This Leadership Development Guide is the culmination of decades of leading, mentoring, and coaching high performers into top tier leaders for companies. 


I'm making this available to you for free. Simply click on the icon to download.  

Leadership Development; Business Coaching
Seven Steps to Ensure the Family Business 
Runs Like a Business

One of the plights of a successful family-owned business is employing family members to a point that it hurts the business. When dealing with the nuances of family and business, it's important to run the company as well as possibly while balancing family needs.


If you are interested in learning more, simply click on the icon to download our overview.  

Rich Hall Group | Family Business Expert
Challenges with Family-Owned Businesses
How To Achieve Your Vision of Success

During our recent visit with Rick Schissler and the Weekly Business Hour radio show, we explored:


- Pros & cons of working for a family-owned business

- Challenges for family and non-family members

- How to be more effective as a leader

Executive Coach, Rich Hall Group, Family-owned business coach
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