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  • Richard Hall

Why do your kids behave better with their friends' parents?

Executive Coach | Family Business Expert

Why is it that your kids behave better with their friends' parents than at home?

- Perhaps it has something to do with abiding by rules established by another authority figure.

- Perhaps it is the desire to be accepted for performance

- Perhaps acting up will take away ability to enjoy being with others

For many family-owned businesses, many family members may not have worked anywhere else in their career. Their knowledge is limited to their environment, their appreciation of authority is relational, and the risk of not having a job rarely surfaces.

Experts agree, myself included, that family members should work somewhere else at least 2-3 years, if not more, before joining the family business.

If they're already in the business, have them work for a non-family member. Perhaps have them leave the business for a few years and come back later.

The lessons they will learn along with the value of hard work, earnings, and authority will be invaluable to the business later.

Rich Hall

Executive Coach | Family Business Expert

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