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What is your next first step?

What is your next first step?

I remember being in a very difficult situation. There were competing investors and I was caught in the middle. I had to take a break and clear my mind.

I had lunch with a friend that I will never forget. He said, "Rich, regardless of what got you here, what is your next first step? That decision is what you will be judged by. Did you do the right thing based upon what you know now?".

We all make mistakes or go down a wrong path. Once you learn the error of your ways, what is the very first next step you take?

Do you change gears and make the commitment to do the right thing? Whatever it may be?

Do you focus on damage control?

Do you reflect, learn, and then devise a path forward?

When I coach leaders who are dealing with difficult situations, I always have them reflect and then put the past behind them. Let's focus on the journey ahead and not what got us here.

Let's all make sure our next first step is pursuing the right course adjustment for our lives and those under our care. Leave the past where it is!

Focus on the future!

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