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  • Richard Hall

Never let current events stop you from doing what is right!

I spoke to an owner the other day that had an employee that needed to go. They were reluctant to act because they felt it would backfire on them.

I went nuts on that response.

I replied, “Do you realize that an employee issue that is not addressed spreads like wildfire? Do what's right regardless of current events".

Other employees may not be aware of things like PPP, and don’t care. What they walk away with is:

- Why won’t management do something about that person?

- If I did that, I would be fired. That employee must have pictures.

- Our team productivity is awful because of that person and it will reflect badly on me. Maybe I should be looking.

- Why should I try? They get away with it and get paid the same.

I recognize letting an employee go during a pandemic is tough for many people, but you have to have the fortitude to do what is right.

Today the issue may be bad employee behavior. Tomorrow it may be lower revenue. The next day it may be a major customer issue.

Guess what – there will always be a current event that makes you second guess the right next move. Don’t fall for it.

Do what you think is right regardless of the circumstances.

It will work out for you in the long run.


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