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  • Richard Hall

Never accept "It can't be done"

Business Coach, Leadership Development, Rich Hall Group

I was working with a company that was exceeding revenue targets yet well below in EBITDA. I asked about profitability by product line and was told "It can't be done. Too many variables."

Sorry - it can't be done isn't in my vocabulary.

- We identified easy to determine revenue and expenses by product.

- We created an allocation of shared expenses and overhead.

- We factored in time spent with clients by product line.

Results were astounding.

- The highest revenue product was the least profitable

- Same for the most burdensome client(s)

- Lower revenue products had insane profits

Needless to say, our strategy changed and the company became much more profitable in a very short timeframe.

Perfection was not the goal. A sound business analysis was.

Don't assume it can't be done until you try it!

Results will prove worth it.

Rich Hall

Business Coach

Rich Hall Group

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