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Manage Stress like a Boss!

I've only screamed once in a meeting.

It was loud, shocking, and I immediately wanted to pull it back (well, not really. Felt good at the time but I shouldn't have screamed).

I was under a lot of stress.

One thing I hate is being constantly interrupted when I am trying to finish a sentence.

I have very few triggers but that is right at the top.

It seems nowadays that we are stressed out much more often. Constant pulls in all directions - cell phones, email, bad day at work, bad day at home, and so on.

There is a certain amount of stress that is very productive (see the Eustress model). Too much stress can cause us to make poor decisions, snap people's heads off, put things in email that we shouldn't have.

We all need to learn to recognize our level of stress and how to manage it. There are personality assessments that can help. Rising blood pressure is a good indicator too.

My advice - stop it before it consumes you

- Get up and walk way

- Have something to look forward to

- Write everything down and prioritize

- Ask for help

(I was bound and determined to mention Sex as stress relief but gotta keep it clean here)

Those leaders that appear as though nothing shakes them?

They have learned how to manage stress, and so can you!

If you'd like to discuss further, contact me at

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