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Leadership 101: TAKE OWNERSHIP!

Leadership 101 - TAKE OWNERSHIP!

People ask me how to become a better leader.

I think the best single word to remember is Ownership!

Own a Commitment - when an issue arises, do you own it through completion or just work it until it is resolved (by yourself or someone else)?

Own Personal Improvement - do you take ownership of your own actions? Do you learn from mistakes or blame it on someone else? Do you listen and learn from others while trying to improve yourself? How many books have you read lately?

Own Responsibility - are you willing to take the heat from failure? Are you willing to give credit to others (we win as a team, we fail as a team)?

You can be a fantastic leader anywhere you associate with others - at church, work, the little league ball field, in your neighborhood.

Make a commitment to own something and follow it through to completion - regardless of how hard it is.

Ideas - help others in need (there's always others in need), clean up something that is messy (and keep it clean), write an anonymous note to someone that needs to hear something positive. Others will notice and want to follow your lead.

The key is OWNERSHIP!

Make the commitment and follow through. OWN IT!

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