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  • Richard Hall

Influence without Accountability

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When a family member disrupts the family business.

“Here comes the spouse. There’s another meeting down the drain.“

Those that have worked in family businesses know exactly what I’m talking about.

A spouse, or any other family member, whether intentional or not, changes the dynamics of meetings when they’re present.

I’ve seen family members that want to “drop into a meeting” just to see what is going on. Most of the meeting is spent bringing the person up to speed and very little gets accomplished. The outcome may not be what the team wants, but what the unprepared spouse decides.

Family members should not be allowed to come and go as they like. It is very disruptive to the organization. This is the role of the Owner/CEO to enforce.

The solution is to ensure all employees, including family members, have a specific job with accountability, corresponding duties, and complementary compensation. They should be held accountable for their performance just like everyone else.

A well-run, family-owned business should always pursue outstanding performance regardless of the blood that runs in the employee’s veins.

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