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  • Richard Hall

I Just Want To Work For a Normal Company!

I caught up with a former employee that is really frustrated at his current job. He made the following statements we all should hear:

- I just want to work for a normal company

- Where management cares and is in touch with reality within the company

- A place I can enjoy, work hard, make decent money, and make a difference

- That's all

Unfortunately, I have heard this same message for the past week from quite a few people.

Owners/CEO's/Presidents - LISTEN UP

Do you know what is going on within your company? How your employees are really feeling? How many are getting ready to jump ship?

The problem in all of the cases was a lack of emotional intelligence from leadership. They were making policy decisions without conferring or caring about what the employees thought.

Now is not the time to strong arm employees. Listen to them!

Here's what I would do in your shoes:

- Form a culture committee with no executives allowed. Learn the real culture

- Have 1 on 1 Zoom meetings with employees throughout the company. Hear from them 1st hand

- Utilize an employee survey tool

- Listen with an empathetic attitude

Your most prized assets may be in worse shape than you think.

Be kind

If you'd like to discuss further, contact me at


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