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  • Richard Hall

Heroes aren't always leaders

My first job out of college was a software implementation role making $25,000 per year, traveling for 6 weeks at a time, and working most weekends. I was young and that was okay.

On one job onsite, the software upgrade wasn't working and we couldn't fix it. They flew in the "hero" developer that would solve all the problems.

As he arrived with his entourage, I noticed he was arrogant, rude to fellow employees and the client, and thought way too much about himself.

He struggled but eventually fixed the problem.

As he walked out to catch a plane, I looked at a co-worker in amazement. "He must be really good", I said.

The co-worker looked back at disgust and replied, "It's his software in the first place. If he'd done his job right the first time, we wouldn't be in this mess".

The problem wasn't the software. It was the guy who wrote it and played the hero role when he should have done his job in the first place.

If someone's a hero around you, delve deeper. Somethings not right.

Rich Hall

Business Coach

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