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  • Richard Hall

Have you ever tried pushing a rope?

Have you ever tried to back up a uHaul trailer up a driveway into a small space? Sort of like pushing a rope.

I have a pickup truck that we use to haul things as needed. This time it was moving my son into college. We had it loaded up and pulling an enclosed uHaul trailer.

When we got there, we had to back up the uHaul into a driveway, on an incline, into a small parking space. No backup cameras available.

I'm a man. I can do this, right?

Looking in mirrors where everything is opposite your normal perspective makes it really tough. One wrong turn of the wheel and you have to start over.

I bet I started over 50 times. It was embarrassing. College kids standing around watching the dad that couldn't get it right. My son was hiding his face.

After utter embarrassment and frustration for at least 30 minutes, I got it close enough.

I was totally open to help because I was not getting it done. No one offered. I didn't ask.

If you're in a jam and are not making progress getting out of it, please don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. If someone offers to help, consider taking it. It will make them feel better too.

Pride was my downfall. Don’t let it be yours.


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