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  • Richard Hall

Ethical behavior - Always!

I could have titled this "Who wants to be a millionaire?" and "What are you willing to do to get there?”

All you have to do is compromise a few things and hope no one knows, right?

- “Drive this package across town and ask no questions about the content.”

- Tear a co-worker down so you get the top promotion.

- Sign a deal knowing the company cannot deliver.

We are all put into ethical dilemmas where we have to make a choice. Do we make a choice that would benefit us personally but potentially harm another?

The more you compromise, the easier it becomes.

I remember Enron executives saying - “We knew we were pushing the envelope but not breaking the law. Later, we realized we crossed the boundary of ethical behavior, we just didn’t recognize it at the time.”

As the leader of your company, you define the culture within. If you participate in unethical behavior, your employees know and may feel it is okay for them to do the same. Once it starts, it is hard to reign back in.

Ethics are based upon values, morals, and the belief of what is right and wrong. Do you have company values defined? If so, are they prominent in the culture?

It starts with you!

Set the example and NEVER compromise ethics.

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