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Believe in yourself and take the risk!

Believe in yourself and take the risk!

Most people have the skills and personality traits to be wildly successful. You know what is missing -> self-confidence.

Self-confidence is hard to obtain in isolation. Doubt will inevitably creep in. But you know what? Your attitude is what overcomes doubt.

You can tell immediately if someone is confident. They walk with a certain stride, they shake hands firmly, they speak up in meetings, they voice their opinions, they take risks in life.

I had someone recently reach out to me on LI. We jumped on a Zoom call a few days later and WOW. They were amazing. Spoke well, great ideas, strong beliefs, but their facial expression gave them away. They knew they were good at what they do but did not feel confident about taking the next step.

I spent the next few minutes building up their confidence and encouraging them to "go for it". Take the risk!

A few days later we caught up. They went for it and got exactly what they wanted. Their fear was replaced by confidence. They wanted more.

Try not to be afraid. Take the first step toward what you want. Then take the next step. If you fail the first time, don't stop. You can do it.

Just take that first step!

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