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  • Richard Hall

Are you fixing the real problem?

The CEO had invested a lot of time and money in the executive team. Everything seemed to be going fine...except it wasn't.

What he heard was great but the results weren't there. He wanted to bring in more advisors, tools, and so on.

And then we spoke.

I asked him if the executive team told him what he needed to hear or what he wanted to hear.

It got him thinking.

I explained that the strength of an organization often resides at the middle management level. Why doesn't he explore with them about the challenges with the company?

His actions were quite disruptive but he quickly deduced things weren't as he was led to believe.

- Culture was not as strong as he believed

- Morale was low

- Problems impacted efficiency and no one was addressing them

- and so on.

I recommended some tools he could use and an approach to ensure transparency throughout the organization.

Now that the real problems were exposed, we could focus on the real issues and not the ones he thought were the culprit.

- Building a strong middle management team

- Focus on transparency in the culture

- Alignment throughout the organization

- and more..

As a leader, we have to validate the information we're provided to ensure we're getting the entire picture.

Executive team members are not always as transparent as they should be. It doesn't mean they're deceptive, perhaps protective.

Strength of the organization can be measured by the capabilities of middle management.

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