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  • Richard Hall

Anyone who thinks running a company is EASY has never done it!

He was the 2nd generation of a family-owned business. He couldn’t wait for his “old man” to retire. It was his time and he was going to do things right. When it finally happened, it didn’t go so well….

After the congratulations and chest pumping honeymoon was over, real life in the President's role set in:

- Sales were declining

- Market and competitive pressures

- Employee retention issues

- Supply chain delays

- Inflation up and economic uncertainty

The family owners wanted answers. So did the employees. As did the bankers, vendors, partners and more.

It wasn't the fun it was supposed to be.

That's what real life in the top role is like.

I embrace it with clients because I've had to be in that role myself.

You gather your best team around you, prioritize, come up with a plan, work the plan, and then adjust.

Running a company is anything but easy. It's also one of the best feelings in the world when you're successful and provide success for those around you.

Rich Hall Group

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