We are about Outcomes

Our goal is to provide you with long-term, sustainable, solutions. We help you target the core issues impeding success.


We start with these solution areas:

Executive Coaching

Has your business obtained the vision of success you wanted?

Leadership Development

Is the team prepared to take your company to the next level?

Succession Planning

Are you wanting to retire and turn over your business?

Executive Coaching

We believe there is more to success than just profits. We work with the CEO/Owner and Executive Team to define success, gain alignment, and transform themselves and the company into a world-class team.

Here are a few areas we look at for your consideration:

  • Corporate Assessment

    • We meet with the CEO/Owner and Executive team to discuss broad issues like company culture, employee engagement, executive team performance, and team feedback. 

  • Executive Alignment

    • We work with key executives to ensure what success means to them and their organization. We coach on how to transform their thinking from "I" to "Team".​

  • Tailored Solutions

    • All executives are individuals with specific needs. We tailor our solutions to the needs of the executive so they can be their absolute best.

Outcomes - We work with the CEO to identify the key areas preventing success and collaborate on a plan for the path forward. We then engage with the CEO and Executive team as an Executive Coach to guide the plan forward to achieve the desired success.


Leadership Development

One of the biggest challenges with growing a privately-owned business is the type of leaders needed change over time as revenue grows and demands change. Many times, the employees that helped start the company years ago may not be prepared or even the right choice for today.


What do you do? 

Here are areas we can help

  • Leader Assessment and Development

    • Do you have someone today in a leadership role that you would like to develop into an executive? 

  • Key Employee Development​

    • Do you have a long-term employee that has critical expertise but needs to develop as a leader? 

  • Coaching and Mentoring

    • Many privately-owned businesses were started by hard-working entrepreneurs that are great at turning ideas into reality but may be lacking in other required areas.

Outcomes - We provide the CEO and leaders with what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear, and a path forward. 


Succession Planning

You've worked your entire life to create a successful company and now you are looking at the next phase of life. This could include migrating into a Chairman of the Board role or part-time CEO.

The problem is that you may not have a family-member or executive ready to take over for you. They need to be able to step in and run the company as effectively as you, if not better.

We work with the CEO/Owner to understand their desired participation in the future. 

Once we have agreement on the role, we work with the owner to identify 2-3 key candidates as possible successors. 

We provide the Owner with an assessment of each and a plan for getting them ready for their future responsibilities. We provide Coaching and Mentoring assistance to help the successor get ready faster.

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