We are about Outcomes

Our goal is to provide you with long-term, sustainable, solutions. We help you target the core issues impeding success.


We start with these solution areas:

Executive Coaching

We believe there is more to success than just profits. We work with the CEO/Owner and Executive Team to define success, gain alignment, and transform themselves and the company into a world-class team.

Executive Coach, Rich Hall Group, Family-owned business coach

Leadership Development

One of the biggest challenges with growing a privately-owned business is the type of leaders needed change over time as revenue grows and demands change. Many times, the employees that helped start the company years ago may not be prepared or even the right choice for today.


The same goes for family members. If they grew up in the business, many do not have real-world experience to apply. We help with development as a leader and a business executive.



Succession Planning

You've worked your entire life to create a successful company and now you are looking at the next phase of life. 

The problem is that you may not have a family-member or executive ready to take over for you. 

We work with the CEO/Owner to understand their desired participation in the future. 

Once we have agreement on the role, we work with the owner to identify 2-3 key candidates as possible successors. 

We provide the Owner with an assessment of each and a plan for getting them ready for their future responsibilities. We provide Coaching and Mentoring assistance to help the successor get ready faster.

Executive Coach, Rich Hall Group, Family-owned business coach