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Executive Coach, Rich Hall Group, Family-owned business coach

Rich Hall - Small Business Coach



Rich Hall, has more than 25 years’ experience as a senior business, operations, and technology professional in the delivery of products and services to companies of all sizes. His specialty is helping guide small business owners to achieve their vision of success.

“I understand the challenges of balancing multiple roles as a business owner while trying to build and run a successful company. It takes a different way of thinking about business, as there is more to it than just the bottom line”, says Rich.


Prior to starting Rich Hall Group, Rich was the President of a 68-year-old, global, family-owned business located in Houston, TX. In his first year running the company, Rich led the company from stagnation and financial losses to record profits (300+%) and revenue growth (33%). 

Rich also served as an executive for a 25-year-old family-owned business. Rich instilled a culture of world-class client satisfaction while delivering the highest services revenue and margins in company history for three consecutive years.  Rich’s team was a key driver for the successful exit (3X revenue) of the company to a Venture Capital firm.

Rich serves as an Advisor, Board Member, Membership Chair, and CEO Roundtable Facilitator with Silver Fox Advisors in Houston.

He holds an undergraduate degree from Georgia Institute of Technology in Management Science and an MBA from the University of Houston.