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Based in Houston, TX, Rich Hall Group was founded to help private-owned businesses obtain their vision of success. Success can translate into more profits, high multiple exit, or simply building the business into a thriving and sustainable company for generations to come.

We consider ourselves Success Guides. We work with you to develop a plan for success. We coach along the way and then leave when success is achieved. 

What is our foundation for expertise?

We have been a part of many successes as well as failures throughout our career. We have seen first-hand what works and what does not. We have incorporated these hard-earned lessons into our own playbook for success. We understand that each business has unique challenges and needs. We use the playbook as a starting point while realizing all companies are different and may require different solutions.

We are constantly reviewing and vetting new approaches to ensure you get the highest quality solution. What may have worked in the past may not be the best solution for today. We have a culture of radical transparency and psychological safety. Everyone can speak up and is encouraged to offer differing opinions. Ultimately, we work as a team to provide what’s best for you.


Our Leader

Rich Hall, Chief Success Guide | Executive Coach  


Our founder, Rich Hall, has more than 25 years’ experience as a senior business, operations, and technology professional in the delivery of products and services to companies of all sizes. His specialty is helping guide privately-owned businesses to develop the people, processes, and systems to achieve their vision of success.

“I understand the challenges of balancing family nuances while trying to build and run a successful company. It takes a different way of thinking about business, as there is more to it than just the bottom line” says Rich.


Prior to starting Rich Hall Group, Rich was the President of a 68-year-old, global, family-owned business located in Houston, TX. In his first year running the company, Rich led the company to record profits (300+%) and revenue growth (33%) while spearheading the complete overhaul of the Sales & Marketing, Operations, and Technology areas of the company.

Rich also served as Vice President of Client Services for a 25-year-old family-owned business. Rich instilled a culture of world-class client satisfaction while delivering the highest professional services revenue and margins in company history for three consecutive years.  Rich’s team was a key driver for the successful exit of the company to a Venture Capital firm.

In addition to Rich Hall Group, he is the CEO of Treshall Solutions, a family-owned medical billing and practice management company run by his wife, Jamie.


When not in the office, Rich enjoys attending college football games, photography, scuba diving, and church.

Rich is the proud husband to his beautiful wife, Jamie, and the father of three sons, Jeremy, Mark, and Daniel. He holds an undergraduate degree from Georgia Institute of Technology in Management Science and an MBA from the University of Houston.   

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